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When Cannabis Use Plays A Role In Monterey Car Accidents


Cannabis can provide medical benefits and may help foster a sense of peace and calm. However, using any type of cannabis product before getting behind the wheel is dangerous and increases the risks of car accidents in Monterey. Find out more about its impact on motorists and how to protect your rights if a cannabis-related car accident happens.

How Using Cannabis Impacts Driving Abilities

California is at the foreground of cannabis reforms. It is legal for medicinal and recreational purposes, and many residents rely on it for its potential benefits. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it can help in treating chronic pain and a host of other serious physical conditions. It has also proven helpful in reducing depression, chronic anxiety, and troubling symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress.

Whether you use cannabis for medical reasons or simply appreciate the sense of calm it can provide, it is important to be aware of the risks. Using products containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which has psychoactive properties, can seriously impact your abilities. The CDC warns that this is especially dangerous when behind the wheel.

Cannabis use is an increasingly common factor in Monterey car accidents. Ways in which it can increase your crash risks include:

  • Makes you less attentive to the road;
  • Impacts judgment and reasoning skills;
  • Makes it harder to respond to unexpected events;
  • Impacts coordination, making it harder to steer, apply the brakes, and perform other driving tasks.

Cannabis Use And Your Rights In A Monterey Car Accident Claim

While highly regulated by the California Office of Cannabis, THC-laden edibles, pens, and flower are readily available to residents and anyone visiting our state. It is routinely used for medicinal purposes or as an alternative to alcohol and other drugs. Regardless of why it is being consumed, it is important to keep in mind the risks.

It increases the odds of car accidents in Monterey and other motor vehicle-related crashes, such as those involving bicyclists and pedestrians. It also makes seeking compensation for your injuries more challenging. Ways in which it could impact your rights in filing a claim:

  • Filing a claim against another driver: If the other driver tests positive for THC, they can be held liable for the crash. However, their insurer may refuse to cover any losses.
  • Having a claim filed against you: If you test positive for THC in the aftermath of a crash, insurers could blame you and deny your claim even if the other driver clearly was at fault.
  • Facing criminal charges: Cannabis is still illegal under federal law. If you are in an accident in a national park or in other states, it could impact not only your rights in seeking compensation, but could also result in criminal charges.

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