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Monterey Head-on Collisions Lawyer

One of the most dangerous types of car crashes is a head-on accident. These crashes occur when the fronts of two vehicles collide. They tend to occur on two-lane roads in rural areas. Due to the high speeds of the vehicles involved, the impact of a head-on crash can result in serious injuries and even fatalities.

Have you been involved in a head-on collision? If so, you need aggressive legal representation on your side to help you get the compensation you deserve for all your injuries. Allen Law Firm can help. Contact our experienced Monterey head-on collisions lawyer to learn more.

Causes of Head-on Collisions

Head-on crashes are often caused by unsafe passing. When passing a vehicle in front, you need to be wary of vehicles coming in the other direction or else you could collide head-on. Head-on accidents can also be caused by the following:

  • Driver fatigue. Truck drivers and those who work the night shift are prone to fatigue. Driving in the dark late at night can cause drivers to get exhausted and even fall asleep at the wheel.
  • Distracted driving. Distracted driving can cause a motorist to take their hands off the wheel and their eyes off the road. Even when it happens for just a few seconds, it can cause a serious accident. Smartphone use is a common form of distracted driving, but eating, reading, grooming, talking to passengers, and dealing with pets can also be distracting behaviors.
  • Driving under the influence. Alcohol can cause intoxication, leading to head-on collisions. Intoxicated drivers are less likely to stay in their lane, plus the reflexes and judgment of drunk drivers are significantly impaired.
  • Poor road conditions. A driver may try to go around hazards in the road, such as potholes, puddles, and debris, and this can cause them to veer into oncoming traffic. This can lead to a head-on crash.

Common Injuries

A head-on crash can cause serious injuries such as the following:

  • Whiplash. The impact of a head-on accident can cause injuries to those inside the vehicle. The neck, shoulders, and head can twist back and forth and side to side, which can lead to injuries to the tendons, muscles, and ligaments.
  • Broken bones. Head-on crashes are often severe enough to cause broken bones, especially in the facial area. Fractures to cheeks, chin, eye sockets, and jawbones are common.
  • Back and spine injuries. The impact of a head-on crash can cause discs in the spinal cord to herniate. The spinal cord can also sever, causing paralysis or even death.
  • Traumatic brain injuries. In a head-on crash, the skull can hit the steering wheel and fracture. A person can also suffer from concussions and brain damage due to the impact.

Contact Allen Law Firm Today

Head-on crashes are often deadly due to the impact involved. Those who survive often suffer from catastrophic injuries.

If you have been a victim, contact the team at Allen Law Firm. Our experienced team can help you obtain compensation for all your damages. Schedule a free consultation with a Monterey head-on collisions lawyer by calling (831) 264-0605 or filling out the online form.

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