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Our Client Testimonials
“Scott made the entire…”
After being hit by a red light-runner while driving for work then hospitalized for three nights, I met Scott and hired him to pursue my case. A legal situation seemed like the last thing in the world I needed on my plate at the time mid grad school and cross country relocation. Scott took it off my plate and made… Read More
“Excellent Attorney! Obtained a…”
I was injured in a car accident on Highway 1 in Santa Cruz. Scott Allen guided me through the legal process and obtained a very favorable settlement for me. Excellent Attorney! Highly Recommended. Read More
“Fantastic Attorney”
I was represented by Martin Chandler in a social Security Administration case. He was very through, asked a lot of questions and completed all my needed forms in a timely manner. I was approved by the social security administration in a little less than 8 months. He continues to support me and help me when I have ever requested additional… Read More
“Scott was caring, informative…”
We hired Scott Allen to help with an injury accident. Scott was caring, informative and experienced. I know for certain we would not have received the settlement we did, if not for Scott’s expertise. He patiently answered all of our questions. He provided regular updates and was clear with what our expectations should be. Even though our case was not… Read More
Joshua N.
“Very pleased with this…”
Mr. Scott and Mrs. Lori were helpful resolving my injury case. It took lots of patience and time in my part but never doubted on Mr. Scott. I put my trust in him and his people and won the case, very pleased with this firm. Would recommend others looking for a good and trustworthy lawyer. Read More
“Scott is thorough and…”
I have used Allen Law Firm twice to represent me after the car accidents I was in, in 2015 and 2020, that caused injury. Scott is thorough and honest. He communicated with me every step of the way. He listened to all of my concerns and got me what I wanted in my settlements. I would highly recommend him, as… Read More
Angelee G.

When you left your house today, you didn’t expect to wind up in some accident, suffering from a painful injury. Even though you were being careful and weren’t doing anything wrong, another’s act of negligence is all it takes to put you in the hospital or send you home trying to figure out what happened and how you’ll recover. The Allen Law Firm is here for you. Your life can change in a second, but our dedicated legal team will work to repair the damage that was done. We’ll fight to see you get the medical care and compensation you need to recover to the fullest extent possible and get your life back in order. Call our experienced lawyer today.

Serving the Central Coast for Over 20 Years

With offices in Monterey, Santa Cruz, and Salinas, the Allen Law Firm continues to serve the people of the Central Coast who have been injured by the negligence of another, just as we have been doing for the past 20-plus years. We are a local law firm. Our attorney and staff live here; we drive the same roads you do and shop at the same stores you do. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car, truck or motorcycle accident, a slip and fall in a grocery store or retail store, or suffered any kind of injury because of another’s negligence or misconduct, our Monterey injury law firm is here to help.

A Dedicated Law Firm With the Capacity and Capability to Handle Your Case

At the Allen Law Firm, we purposely keep our caseload low so we can devote our firm’s full attention and resources to your case. Some law firms juggle hundreds of cases at once and can afford to settle them quickly and cheaply. When we take your case, you can trust that we will put in the time and effort it takes to get a stellar result. Your attorney will work directly with you throughout the case, answering your questions and keeping you informed. Our record of results speaks for itself, including dozens of five, six, and seven-figure settlements and awards across a wide range of California personal injury and wrongful death matters, from dog bites to car crashes to toxic exposure. We also invite you to read what our clients have to say about choosing the Allen Law Firm for their injury case. You’ll find that personal attention and support combined with great results are consistent themes that describe our representation.

Comprehensive Monterey Personal Injury Law Practice

In more than 20 years of helping accident victims in Monterey Bay, we’ve dealt with a wide range of injuries and accidents. Don’t hesitate to contact us for help after any injury, including in the following types of accidents, among others.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

We represent victims of all forms of motor vehicle accidents, including car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents. If you were hit by a drunk driver or a driver without insurance, injured in a hit and run, or involved in a crash with an Uber or Lyft driver, you can benefit from the expertise at the Allen Law Firm. We have successfully resolved numerous auto accident cases involving many different types of crashes and a range of injury severity, including catastrophic injury and wrongful death.

Slip & Fall Accidents

Property owners have a duty to provide a safe premises free of hazards for the safety of their customers, guests and others lawfully on the property. Premises liability accidents can be difficult to prove against property owners who argue they didn’t have time to recognize and remedy the danger or allege the slip and fall victim wasn’t watching where they were going. These accidents cause injuries ranging from the painful and embarrassing to the catastrophic and fatal. Our firm knows the law in California and what it takes to hold property owners liable for their negligent maintenance of the premises.

Dog Bites

Dog bites cause painful, serious injuries, including physical and psychological injuries that can last a lifetime. We hold dog owners strictly liable for injuries caused by their animals in accordance with California law. Many, if not most, dog bite injuries occur to people familiar with the animal. If you or your child were injured by a dog belonging to a friend, neighbor or family member, let us talk to you about how we can secure compensation for your harm without damaging your relationship with the dog’s owner.

Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

Nursing homes exist for the sole purpose of providing residential care for the elderly and disabled. Nursing home residents are among the most vulnerable of people who rely on their custodians to see they are adequately cared for. Unfortunately, understaffing, high turnover, lack of training and supervision, and other factors lead to residents being physically and psychologically harmed by neglect, and in some cases intentional abuse. We want the communities of Monterey Bay where we live and work to be safe for all residents, including those living in nursing homes who are counting on those facilities for proper medical care, adequate nutrition, appropriate hygiene, and the best quality of life they can provide.

Defective Products

Even with laws, regulations and consumer protection agencies in place, many manufacturers still produce products as cheaply as they can without regard for consumer safety. Unfortunately, as consumers we have no way of knowing we are purchasing or using an unsafe product. Because of this, manufacturers must be held strictly liable for any injuries that result when they release unsafe products into the marketplace and onto store shelves. We hold manufacturers, distributors and retailers liable for the serious injuries that result when their design defects, manufacturing defects and marketing defects make their products unreasonably dangerous.

Catastrophic Injury & Wrongful Death

Many times our firm has been called upon with the sobering responsibility to represent individuals who have suffered the most serious and catastrophic injuries or to help family members who lost a loved one in a fatal accident caused by the negligence of another. We understand the lifetime of additional medical costs and daily challenges one faces when living with a brain or spinal injury, loss of limb, severe burn or other serious injury. We work to make sure you have the resources you need to get the best care and the best quality of life your injury allows.

Contact the Allen Law Firm Today

If you or a member of your family has suffered an injury in a Monterey Bay community, we invite you to call the Allen Law Firm or contact us online at any of our offices in Monterey, Salinas, or Santa Cruz. We are happy to come out and meet you if you can’t travel to one of our offices, and we can also handle the entirety of your case virtually through digital technology, a practice we perfected by necessity during the pandemic. Your initial consultation is free even if you don’t become a client of the firm, and we take all our cases on a contingency basis, where we advance all costs and only charge a fee if and when we are successful in recovering compensation on your behalf. Call our experienced Monterey personal injury lawyer today.

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Your life can change in an instant, but those changes don’t have to be permanent. We’ll work to make you whole again to the fullest extent possible.
Our Areas of Practice
Our comprehensive personal injury law practice encompasses the spectrum of motor vehicle crashes and the full range of premises liability accidents in Monterey, Salinas, Santa Cruz and surrounding areas, including the most catastrophic or fatal injuries.
We help victims of crashes with drunk drivers, distracted drivers, uninsured drivers, hit and run drivers and others who cause a wreck because of their lack of care or skill.
Our firm takes on major trucking companies and holds them accountable for pushing their drivers beyond their limits or failing to keep their fleet in good working order.
Property owners owe it to you to provide a safe environment. They can and should be held liable for failing to inspect and maintain their premises for your safety.
Dog bites are terrifying and painful, and they can be permanently scarring, both physically and psychologically. We work to recover full compensation for the damage caused.
Motorcyclists are 28 times more likely to lose their life in a crash than the occupant of a car. When negligent drivers cause a serious crash, our firm is here for you.
Cyclists are among the most vulnerable road users, often with nothing more than a helmet to protect them. We make sure you get the care and compensation you need.
Recent Case Results
Our 20-plus years of experience have enabled us to recover significant compensation to help make up for the medical bills and pain and suffering endured by accident victims.
$9.75 Million Wrongful Death and
Personal Injury
Settlement for the wrongful death of our client’s husband and for injuries to three passengers riding ... Read More
$2 Million Personal Injury
Crash Caused By Police High-Speed Car Chase on Highway 1, Big Sur – Monterey Sheriff’s ... Read More
$1.8 Million Business Law
$1.8 million settlement in a San Jose federal court case involving patent infringement
$1.5 Million Catastrophic Injuries
$1.5 Million for a young girl that suffered neurological injuries due to exposure to heavy metal contaminated soil
Meet Attorney Scott J. Allen
Scott J. Allen
A dedicated lawyer with a record of success you can count on As the founder of Allen Law Firm, Scott J. Allen has 20 years of experience litigating and trying cases in state and federal courts. He has also helped countless clients resolve disputes through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as mediation and arbitration. Scott also prides himself on aggressively representing his clients’ interests while at the same time offering his clients practical advice on how to achieve a cost-effective resolution of their disputes and protect their rights.
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