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Category Archives: Distracted Driving Car Accidents


Reduce Distracted Driving Risks In 2024

By Allen Law Firm |

Monterey offers a stunning natural setting, plenty of shopping and entertainment options, and an abundance of year-round activities to enjoy. Residents value living an active, healthy lifestyle, but car accidents in Monterey pose serious risks. They are a leading cause of death and disability throughout the area and distracted driving is a common factor… Read More »

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Proving Distracted Driving Was Responsible For A Car Accident In Monterey

By Allen Law Firm |

Car accidents in Monterey are common and one of the leading causes of serious, potentially life-threatening personal injuries. Distracted driving is a common factor in crashes. Engaging in any type of behavior that diverts attention from the road puts drivers, their passengers, and other motorists at risk. When distracted driving car accidents in Monterey… Read More »

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