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Reduce Distracted Driving Risks In 2024


Monterey offers a stunning natural setting, plenty of shopping and entertainment options, and an abundance of year-round activities to enjoy. Residents value living an active, healthy lifestyle, but car accidents in Monterey pose serious risks. They are a leading cause of death and disability throughout the area and distracted driving is a common factor in crashes. Our Monterey car accident lawyer explains more about the risks and how to reduce your odds of being involved in a crash in 2024.

How Distracted Driving Increases Crash Risks

The California Highway Patrol reports that close to 200,000 car accidents happen throughout the state each year. Distracted driving is one of the most common causes.

While most drivers are familiar with the hazards posed by texting or talking on cell phones while behind the wheel, they may not realize that other activities they engage in while driving could pose harm to themselves and others. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) warns that there are three common types of distractions:

  • Visual distractions, that cause you to take your eyes off the road;
  • Manual distractions, that cause you to take your hands off the steering wheel;
  • Cognitive distractions, that cause you to take your mind off the important task of driving.

Cell phones are prohibited as using them behind the wheel involves all three types of driving distractions. However, checking your appearance in the rearview mirror, adjusting car stereo or GPS settings, drinking coffee and eating fast food, or turning to attend to children in the back seat can all increase your risks.

How To Protect Yourself Against Distracted Driving Car Accidents In Monterey

The Transportation Agency of Monterey County (TAMC) advises residents that reducing distracted driving plays an important role in reducing overall car accident risks. To protect yourself and other road users, follow these steps:

  • Put your cell phone on silent and keep it out of reach while driving;
  • Make it a point that once you get behind the wheel, you only focus on driving;
  • Make sure small children are attended to prior to a trip;
  • Discourage passenger distractions;
  • If you are hungry or thirsty, pull over to eat;
  • Resist the urge to change GPS settings or engage in other activities that divert attention from the road.

When driving, give other motorists plenty of space and be alert for signs they are distracted, such as swerving in and out of lanes. If a crash happens, report it to the police immediately, seek medical care for your injuries, and contact our Monterey car accident lawyer for help in filing a claim.

Contact Our Monterey Car Accident Lawyer Today

Do your part to reduce Monterey distracted driving risks. If a crash does happen, reach out to the Allen Law Firm for the professional legal representation you need in filing a claim. To get the compensation you are entitled to, call or contact our Monterey car accident lawyer online and request a consultation today.





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