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Seeking Justice For Fatal Car Accident Injuries In Monterey


Car accidents in Monterey are violent events. Personal injuries suffered are often severe and can prove life-threatening. Our Monterey car accident lawyer explains the risks regarding fatal crashes and how to get a sense of justice, along with the compensation your family needs to recover.

Fatal Car Accidents In Monterey Pose Serious Risks

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the most common causes of death and disability. Sadly, a recent string of fatal car accidents in Monterey emphasizes the risks.

According to a February 2024 KSBW News report, three people were killed in separate car accidents that occurred over a single weekend earlier in the month:

  • In the first, a 17-year-old male was driving a Honda at a high rate of speed on Maher Road when he encountered another driver headed in the opposite direction. While navigating a turn, he swerved into the other lane, resulting in a near head-on collision. Both the Honda driver and a passenger in his vehicle were ejected. The passenger died at the scene.
  • The second fatal car crash in the Monterey area happened just a few hours later on Highway 1. A Salinas man was heading north on the busy road when he swerved for unknown reasons, went off the road, and crashed into a guardrail. He was also pronounced dead at the scene.
  • The third fatal crash to happen that weekend occurred on Sunday afternoon on River Road. A Salinas woman was driving south when she crossed over the median and into the northbound lane, directly into the path of a Ford F-350 carrying two people. While the at-fault driver suffered no harm, the pick-up truck driver was killed, and his passenger was taken to a local hospital with severe injuries.

Get Justice And The Compensation You Need To Recover When Fatal Car Accidents In Monterey Happen

Statistics from the California Office Of Traffic Safety (OTS) indicate that as many as 3,000 people are injured in car accidents in Monterey County. When these injuries prove fatal, it can leave grieving families devastated in the aftermath.

When you suffer this type of loss due to the negligence of other drivers, auto manufacturers, or others involved, you have the right to hold them accountable in a claim. Filing a wrongful death lawsuit provides a sense of justice for the victim while ensuring you are provided for in a way they would have wanted. Compensation available includes:

  • Payment of all outstanding medical expenses;
  • Reimbursement for property damages;
  • The cost associated with funeral and burial services;
  • Payment for current lost wages and future income your loved one would have otherwise earned;
  • Additional amounts for pain, suffering, loss of companionship, and to punish those at fault.

Request A Consultation With Our Monterey Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents in Monterey can cause devastating injuries. At the Allen Law Firm, we help grieving families get a sense of justice and the compensation they need to recover. To request a consultation, contact our Monterey car accident lawyer today.





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