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Evidence Needed For A Successful Monterey Car Accident Claim


Car accidents in Monterey happen unexpectedly. In the blink of an eye, you could be left suffering serious personal injuries that impact your health and your ability to work or engage in other activities for months or even years after.

Filing a car accident claim against the at-fault driver can help you get the compensation needed to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs. Our Monterey car accident lawyer has extensive experience helping clients in these cases and explains some of the evidence needed in filing a successful claim.

Gathering Evidence At The Scene of A Monterey Car Accident

According to the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS), close to 3,000 car accidents in Monterey County happen each year. It is important for all drivers to be prepared. Actions or inactions on your part at the scene can have major impacts on your rights in a future claim. To protect yourself, make it a priority to gather the following evidence:

  • Accident reports: Notify the police immediately and make sure they complete an accident report. It should include what happened, the drivers, and the officer’s observations.
  • Contact information for everyone involved: Get contact, insurance, and vehicle registration information from the at-fault driver. Get names and phone numbers for any passengers and witnesses at the scene as well.
  • Photos and videos: Use your cell phone to take photos and videos of the accident site, the damage to both vehicles, and your injuries.
  • Records and receipts for medical care: Get medical treatment right away, regardless of the severity of your injuries. Tell your doctor how your injuries happened and all your symptoms. Gather records and receipts documenting your visit, your diagnosis, and any ongoing treatment requirements.

Evidence To Gather In The Aftermath of A Monterey Crash

Insurance can help cover property damages, medical care, and other costs associated with car accident injuries in Monterey. You may be contacted by an insurance representative in the immediate aftermath of a crash and offered a settlement. Before accepting the amount offered, contact our Monterey car accident lawyers first. Insurers often take advantage of victims and offer far less than what your case is actually worth.

Gathering additional evidence helps you get the maximum amount you are entitled to.  If insurance fails to cover your total costs, we can file a car accident lawsuit through the Monterey County Civil Court. Additional evidence needed to support your claim includes:

  • Physician statements detailing your prognosis, ongoing care, and any likely long-term impairments;
  • Records of lost wages and a statement from your employer regarding how your injuries impact you on the job;
  • Statements from you and your family members detailing how your injuries impact other areas of your life.

Get Trusted Legal Guidance From Our Monterey Car Accident Lawyer

Car accident injuries in Monterey can impact your health and finances for years to come. To get the trusted legal guidance you need in filing a claim, contact Allen Law Firm. Request a consultation with our Monterey car accident lawyer today.


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