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T-Bone Car Accidents In Monterey


Car accidents in Monterey are a leading cause of death and serious personal injuries. Speeding and other reckless behaviors when driving on Highway 1 or other major roads throughout our area increase the risks. However, be aware that one of the most common places a crash is likely to occur is when you are stopped and sitting at intersections.

T-bone crashes happen when one vehicle slams directly into the side of another, often leaving those involved suffering serious and potentially life-threatening harm. Our Monterey car accident lawyer explains more about these types of collisions and ways to protect yourself and your rights in a claim.

How T-Bone Accidents Increase Monterey Personal Injury Risks

T-bone collisions, referred to as broadside accidents by the California Highway Patrol, are the most common types of crashes in our state. They impact thousands of people each year and have the potential to cause devastating personal injuries.

Broadside or t-bone crashes can occur at major intersections or on roads with side streets throughout the area. They usually happen when one driver fails to stop or yield the right of way. Common contributing causes in broadside or t-bone accidents in Monterey include:

  • Speeding;
  • Distracted driving;
  • Driving under the influence;
  • Aggressive driving;
  • Running yellow lights.

Not using caution when approaching intersections or side streets, not adhering to posted speed limits, or driving in an otherwise reckless manner increases the risks that a t-bone or broadside car accident in Monterey resulting in potentially fatal injuries will happen.

Protect Yourself Against T-Bone Crashes In Monterey

It is easy to get frustrated with local traffic conditions or when your trip takes significantly longer due to red lights, stop signs, and other traffic signals. However, getting irritated and attempting to rush through these areas increases the risks of being involved in a t-bone accident in Monterey.

The speed at which the at-fault driver is traveling and other circumstances involved can make potentially life-threatening car accident injuries more likely to happen in t-bone crashes. To protect yourself and your passengers, follow these tips:

  • Check to see if your car has side impact protection, which the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is pushing to be installed on all vehicles;
  • Always wear a seat belt and require passengers to do the same;
  • Make sure children are properly secured in an age-appropriate car safety seat;
  • Avoid texting, talking on your phone, or other distractions while driving;
  • Slow down at intersections and do not automatically assume drivers in opposing lanes will stop;
  • Be alert for screeching tires or brakes and other signs of a crash;
  • If an accident does happen, notify law enforcement immediately;
  • Seek medical care and contact our Monterey car accident lawyer before making any statements to insurers.

Contact Our Monterey Car Accident Lawyer Today

If you are injured in a t-bone collision or other type of crash, the Allen Law Firm offers the professional legal representation you need to get compensation in a claim. Call or contact our office online and request a consultation with our Monterey car accident lawyer today.




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