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Extreme Weather Increases Monterey Premises Liability Risks


Premises liability is an area of law that pertains to the legal duties of property owners and protects the rights of victims when personal injuries in Monterey happen. Potentially dangerous conditions, such as wet floors or other hazards, increase the risk of slip-fall injury and other potentially serious mishaps.

Our Monterey slip and fall lawyer explains how recent and extreme weather in our area increases the risks. Find out more about how premises liability accidents can happen and your rights in seeking compensation.

Adverse Weather In Monterey Increases Accident Risks

The Monterey Bay Area has seen extreme and adverse weather over the past year. The severity of various storms and the widespread damage they cause have put everyone on edge.

News reports from the San Francisco Chronicle and other media outlets have made people more aware of meteorological terms, such as ‘bomb cycle’, and have provided steady warnings about heavy winds, raging surf, and torrential rains. Unfortunately, in addition to the destruction that is often a direct result of these storms, there are often lingering hazards in the aftermath. This includes:

  • Wet floors;
  • Fallen trees and other debris on sidewalks or other public places;
  • Torn roofing, bent siding, and other property damages;
  • Downed power lines and service disruptions.

All of these can lead to slips and falls, getting struck by objects, or other accidents resulting in serious personal injuries in Monterey. In many cases, property owners can be held liable for the costs you incur as a result.

Get The Compensation You Need to Recover In A Monterey Premises Liability Claim

According to recent reports from the Insurance Journal, over a third of all property owners in the U.S. have suffered some type of serious property damage over the past year. For those who live in Monterey or anywhere along the California Coast, the amount of extreme weather we have been having increases the risks.

When you suffer personal injuries in Monterey due to failure on the part of property owners to repair storm-related damage or warn visitors of potential risks, you have the right to seek compensation in a premises liability claim. Property owners have a legal duty to maintain the premises and can be held liable for losses you suffer, including:

  • All current and future medical expenses resulting from your injuries;
  • Lost income and future lost earnings due to ongoing disabilities;
  • Pain, suffering, and lost enjoyment in life during recovery.

Our Monterey Premises Liability Lawyer Helps You Get Compensation

In addition to the widespread damage recent and extreme weather events have caused in our area, they also increase the risk of personal injuries in Monterey in the aftermath. When they happen on another’s property, you may be entitled to compensation in a premises liability claim.

To get the maximum amount you need to recover, contact the Allen Law Firm. We provide the trusted, local legal representation you need to protect yourself and your rights. Request a consultation with our Monterey premises liability lawyer today.




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