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Eight Common Mistakes That Could Jeopardize Your Monterey Personal Injury Claim


The California Department of Health warns that close to 30,000 people suffer personal injuries in Monterey County each year. While the other person involved may not have meant to cause you harm, the fact is that reckless and negligent actions on their part may be to blame. You have the right to hold them liable for your medical expenses, lost wages, property damages, and other costs.

Our Monterey personal injury lawyers have decades of combined experience helping clients in these cases. The following are eight common mistakes accident victims often make, which could jeopardize your rights in a claim.

  1. Not reporting the accident immediately.

Whether you are involved in a car crash, a slip and fall, or any other type of accident, your first step should be to notify the proper authorities. This could be the police, onsite security, or the property owner/manager. Make sure they file an accident report listing details surrounding what happened.

  1. Not gathering information at the scene.

In addition to filing an accident report, gather important information at the scene. Names and contact numbers for witnesses and photos or videos of the area often serve as important evidence in filing a claim.

  1. Downplaying your injuries.

Symptoms of potentially serious personal injuries can take days to fully appear. Not getting immediate medical care in the aftermath of an accident or downplaying your injuries not only jeopardizes your rights in a claim but could put your health at risk as well.

  1. Failing to follow doctor’s instructions.

When visiting your doctor, explain how your injuries happened and follow their recommendations regarding diagnostic testing, treatment, and aftercare. Adhere to any work and other activity restrictions they recommend as well.

  1. Believing the insurance company is your friend.

While insurance can help cover your costs, be aware that one of the ways insurance companies make money is by denying claims. Avoid saying too much when speaking to claims adjusters or admitting even partial blame.

  1. Failing to factor in total costs.

Personal injuries in Monterey can impact your ability to work for years into the future and may require ongoing medical care. Make sure to factor these costs into any settlements.

  1. Posting on social media.

In disputing personal injury claims, one of the first places insurers look is on social media. Avoid posting anything about the accident or your other activities until your claim is resolved.

  1. Not getting legal advice prior to accepting a settlement.

Get legal advice before accepting any insurance settlement offers. Be aware that under the California Civil Code, you may be entitled to additional types of compensation through a personal injury lawsuit in Monterey.

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