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Salinas may not be as populated as its neighbors to the north, but its residents are still at risk of injury in various types of accidents.

Motor vehicle collisions are common, especially with Highways 183 and 101 stretching through town. Plus, there are threats all around from dangerous conditions on property, animal attacks, defective products, and other hazards.

If you were injured in an accident caused by another person’s negligence, you may be entitled to seek compensation from the responsible party, and the accident attorneys at the Allen Law Firm can help.

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Accidents are Often the Result of Negligence

The legal concept of negligence is the foundation of most personal injury cases, and the term refers to the level of care a reasonable person would apply when faced with various situations. To succeed on an injury claim based upon negligence, you must prove that:

  • The person responsible for causing your injuries had a duty to act with a reasonable amount of care under the circumstances;
  • The responsible party failed to exercise appropriate caution, thereby breaching the duty of care;
  • The breach caused an accident in which you were injured; and,
  • You suffered losses as a result.

While these essential elements of a negligence claim seem relatively straightforward, there are challenges with obtaining proof. A Salinas personal injury lawyer from the Allen Law Firm knows various strategies for gathering and presenting the necessary evidence, including:

  • Your statements;
  • Witness testimony;
  • Police reports;
  • Accident reconstruction data;
  • Photos and physical evidence; and,
  • Many other forms of proof designed to establish your claim.

In a personal injury case based upon negligence, you would usually start by filing a claim with the responsible party’s insurance company. If we cannot settle upon a compensation amount sufficient to cover your losses, our experienced attorneys will take the matter to court to enforce your rights.

Remember, the California statute of limitations is two years from the date that you were hurt. You cannot file a lawsuit in a negligence case after that time passes, so you should bring your claim as soon as possible.


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Types of Cases We Handle

Our lawyers at the Allen Law Firm represent victims of all types of personal injury incidents, including:

Accident rates in Salinas.Motor Vehicle Collisions

Traffic-related crashes often occur because of violations of California rules of the road, such as speeding, failure to yield, drunk driving, and others. In addition, texting and other forms of distracted driving are extremely dangerous.

A Salinas auto accident lawyer can assist with the claims filing process, including collisions involving trucks, motorcycle, bicycle injuries, and pedestrians. You need solid representation to pursue your claim, as insurance company agents will find any and all reasons to deny compensation for your losses.

Other Personal Injury Claims

We owe others our responsibility, but many of us fail. If you find yourself injured due to another’s negligence in any of these areas, the Allen Law Firm can help you:

The types of compensation you can recover will vary depending on the circumstances, but some examples of the damages we will seek include:

  • Your medical costs;
  • Lost wages if you miss work because of your injuries;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Emotional distress;
  • Diminished enjoyment of life;
  • Losses related to your personal relationships; and,
  • Many others based upon your specific situation.

Special Education Law in Salinas

If you feel as if your child is not getting the educational assistance he or she needs, we can help. There are many forms of intellectual, mental, and physical disabilities that can hold a child back, but they don’t have to. By receiving appropriate attention in a school setting, your child can succeed.

Unfortunately, school systems are hindered by politics and finances. With our help, you can overcome these obstacles and get your child the education they deserve.

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