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When To Consult With A Monterey Personal Injury Lawyer And What To Expect During Your Visit


Personal injuries in Monterey often happen as a result of the negligence of others involved. You have the right to hold them liable for medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs you incur as a result. However, you only have one chance to get the total amount you are entitled to. Before accepting less than what you deserve, contact our Monterey personal injury lawyer first and request a consultation.

How Consulting With A Monterey Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help To Protect Your Rights

According to the California Department of Public Health, close to 30,000 people are victims of personal injuries in Monterey County each year. These happen in a variety of ways, but car accidents, bicycle or pedestrian accidents, and falls are among the most common causes.

While referred to as ‘accidents’, negligence on the part of others is often to blame. This means they either took actions that put you at risk or failed to take reasonable precautions. Insurance policies they have in place can help cover a portion of your losses. However, before making any statements to insurers, accepting any settlements, or signing any documents, speak to our Monterey personal injury lawyers first.

Even relatively minor personal injuries can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills, lost wages, and other costs. Unfortunately, insurers are notorious for either denying or downplaying claims. Actions we can take to protect your rights include:

  • Conducting our own investigations into your case;
  • Gathering evidence to prove the other party was at fault;
  • Negotiating with insurers on your behalf to get the best possible settlement;
  • Filing a personal injury lawsuit through the Monterey County Civil Court if a settlement fails to adequately cover your costs or if insurance is unavailable.

What To Expect During Your Consultation

During your initial consultation with our Monterey personal injury lawyer, we will discuss the details surrounding your accident, how your injuries happened, and your rights in seeking compensation. This includes advising you on whether an insurance settlement is the best option or if you would be better served by filing a personal injury lawsuit. Items you should bring with you to this consultation include:

  • Police or other accident reports;
  • Copies of hospital discharge papers, medical bills, and other types of records documenting your injuries;
  • Wage statements showing any lost income you have suffered;
  • Any pictures or other evidence gathered at the scene.
  • A written statement detailing how your injuries have affected you and your family.

Based on this information, we can estimate the total amount you may be entitled to and the best course of action in seeking compensation.

Contact Our Monterey Personal Injury Lawyer Today

You have just one chance to get the compensation you need to recover from personal injuries in Monterey. To get the total amount you are entitled to, get the Allen Law Firm on your side. Call or contact our Monterey personal injury lawyer and request a consultation today.




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