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Questions Insurers Ask When Investigating Personal Injury Claims


When personal injuries in Monterey happen due to the reckless actions of others, insurance policies they have in place may cover some of your costs. In investigating claims, an insurance representative will want to interview you. Our Monterey personal injury lawyer explains their motives and some common questions they may ask.

Insurance Company Motives In Settling Personal Injury Claims

Car crashes, accidents involving bicyclists and pedestrians, and slips, falls, or other mishaps that happen on another’s property are all common causes of personal injuries in Monterey. Filing a claim against the at-fault party’s automobile or property owner’s insurance policy is often the first step in seeking compensation.

However, it is important to keep in mind that these are for-profit businesses that make billions each year. As a result, claims adjusters are under pressure to prevent the following:

  • Soft fraud: According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), insurance fraud results in losses of more than $300 billion each year. Hard fraud is when someone purposely sets out to deceive insurers, such as by staging an accident. Soft fraud involves exaggerating injuries or the amount needed to recover and is far more common.
  • Loss of profits: In addition to scrutinizing claims for fraud, insurers also protect their profits by looking for ways to either deny payment or downplay claims.

Questions Claim Representatives Often Ask

The above factors influence how insurance companies investigate claims.  Common questions to expect include:

  • How did the accident happen? While this may seem obvious, be aware that their motive is to find discrepancies between police reports and other statements you have made that can be used to deny your claim.
  • What were you doing prior to the accident? Saying you were coming home from work or an evening out with friends could be used to assert you were partially at fault due to being tired or under the influence.
  • What types of symptoms do you suffer? Many people tend to downplay their pain or fail to include all of their symptoms. Insurers know this and use your answer to downplay your damages and the amount you are entitled to.
  • What is a typical day like for you now? You want to emphasize the impact your injuries have on every area of your life, including work, home and household responsibilities, recreational activities, and even your ability to perform basic personal tasks.

In general, keep your answers brief when dealing with insurers and speak with our experienced Monterey personal injury before accepting any settlements. Insurers may surprise you with an immediate offer, but this is likely to be far less than what you are entitled to. We negotiate with insurers on your behalf and will not hesitate to file a personal injury lawsuit through the Monterey County Civil Court if needed.

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