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How Long Does It Take To Resolve A Monterey Personal Injury Claim?


Unexpected accidents in Monterey can leave you suffering serious personal injuries. When the reckless actions of others are at fault, you have the right to hold them liable in a claim. However, you only have one chance to get the total amount you need to recover. Our Monterey personal injury lawyer explains how long it typically takes to get a settlement.

The High Costs Of Monterey Personal Injuries: Make Sure A Settlement Covers Future Costs

Personal injuries in Monterey can happen as a result of motor vehicle accidents, slips and falls, or other types of mishaps. Even in relatively minor cases, the financial impacts can be severe. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), medical costs alone can range from $25,000 to over two million dollars or more. This is in addition to property damages, lost wages, and other expenses.

Insurance policies the at-fault party has in place can help offset losses and the insurance company may even offer an immediate settlement. However, before accepting any offers, make sure it includes:

  • Current and future medical expenses: Personal injuries can impact you for years into the future. Make sure future testing, treatment, and physical therapy are covered.
  • Current and future lost wages: Broken bones, torn muscles, head or back injuries, and other conditions often result in long-term disabilities.
  • Pain and suffering: Personal injuries can cause ongoing pain and limited mobility. You are entitled to compensation for lost enjoyment in life, both now and in the years to come.

Remember, you have just one chance to get a settlement. Once you accept an offer, you waive your rights to future compensation.

How Long Will It Take To Get A Settlement? 

Most of us know someone who suffers ongoing issues due to personal injuries suffered in the past. To avoid paying out of pocket, take your time negotiating a settlement. While you need to inform insurers immediately, the California Civil Code allows up to two years to file a claim.

While you may not want to wait this long, it is a good idea to allow up to six months or more before settling, depending on the severity of your injuries. This allows time for the following:

  • For doctors to determine the full extent of the harm you suffered;
  • To reach a level of maximum medical recovery, meaning any remaining health issues are likely to become permanent disabilities;
  • To determine whether a personal injury lawsuit, which can provide additional types of compensation, may be your best option.

Contact Our Monterey Personal Injury Lawyer Today

At the Allen Law Firm, we work efficiently and effectively to get clients the maximum settlement they are entitled to for personal injuries. Our legal team is dedicated to preventing you from having to pay out-of-pocket costs, both now and in years to come. To discuss the total amount you may be entitled to and a time frame for resolving your claim, contact our experienced Monterey personal injury lawyer and request a consultation today.


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