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Is Dark Chocolate Dangerous? Products That Have A High Potential For Causing Harm


For years, the medical community has extolled the virtues of eating modest amounts of dark chocolate. Many people enjoy it as a small indulgence and look forward to the treat. Unfortunately, recent reports indicate contaminants in certain products are capable of causing serious health impacts. Find out more about the controversy and other dangerous or defective products that could jeopardize your safety.

High Levels Of Heavy Metals Detected In Dark Chocolate

Medical research has shown that dark chocolate is a powerful antioxidant. Taken in small amounts, it is considered a somewhat healthy treat. A daily dose can help boost your mood, increase energy, and reduce heart risks. However, those who do indulge are now questioning this practice and the type of dark chocolate products they purchase.

High levels of lead and cadmium, two potentially dangerous heavy metals, were detected in numerous batches of dark chocolate in late 2022. To uncover the extent of the problem, scientists with Consumer Reports conducted studies of 28 different brands. Lead and cadmium were found in them all. In 23 cases, the amount was enough to cause adverse health impacts, if users indulged in the treat once a day, as is often recommended. These were not ‘off-brands’ or generics but included products from popular and respected name-brand companies.

What are the potential risks of long-term exposure to even small amounts of lead and cadmium found in certain types of dark chocolate? In children, it could impact brain development and result in behavioral disorders. For adults, the risks include:

  • Nervous system problems;
  • Immune system suppression;
  • Reproductive issues;
  • Hypertension;
  • Kidney damage.

Not wanting to give up this tasty treat? You can find out which dark chocolate products are considered safest by visiting the Consumer Reports website.

Other Potentially Dangerous Products You Need To Be Aware

Dark chocolate manufacturers will likely face legal battles over the next year amidst accusations that they knew their products were potentially dangerous. Unfortunately, this is a common problem. The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) routinely issues recalls for a variety of goods due to manufacturer negligence. Some of the most common types of products that have been the subject of recent recalls and lawsuits include:

  • Cars and automotive vehicle equipment or parts;
  • Medical devices and medications;
  • Children’s toys and clothing;
  • Home furnishing, furniture, and outdoor tools;
  • Trendy gadgets and gimmicks;
  • Food found in both restaurants and on local store shelves.

Consumers risk suffering serious personal injuries due to manufacturing mistakes, negligent design, and failure to pull dangerous items off shelves. This includes poisoning, burns, broken bones, amputations, and other types of serious harm.

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