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Driving In Wet Weather: New Year Storms Increase Monterey Car Accident Risks


Since New Year’s Eve, the Central California coast has been pummeled by storms. Wet weather throughout the area has caused widespread flood damage and increased the risk of car accidents among local drivers. With heavy rain forecasted now and in the coming months, our Monterey car accident lawyers want you to be aware of the risks.

Wet Roads Due To Winter Storms Pose Hazards To Local Drivers

Since the holidays, Monterey County and the entire central coast have experienced an abundance of wet weather. A January 3, 2023 Monterey Herald news report urged residents to use caution in preparation for another round of severe storms expected throughout the area. Similar to severe winter storms that occurred on New Year’s Eve, the forecast predicted weather-related impacts from San Francisco Bay down through Monterey and encouraged residents in lower-lying areas to use sandbags to help prevent flooding.

Unfortunately, the amount of rainfall predicted, along with rising tides and storm surges, is likely to leave local roads wet for weeks after. This poses serious risks for drivers and increases the likelihood of car accidents in Monterey. Common and potentially dangerous conditions that are likely to be encountered by motorists traveling throughout the area include:

  • Reduced visibility due to rain, fog, and power outages;
  • Wet, slippery road services, making it harder to steer and maintain control of your vehicle;
  • Reduced tire traction, making skidding more likely;
  • Reduced brake function, requiring additional time for making stops;
  • Increased traffic delays, due to congestion and road closures.

Protecting Yourself When Driving In Wet Weather

According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), adverse weather is a common contributing factor in car accidents, and rainy, wet conditions pose some of the most serious risks. Rain is responsible for nearly 75 percent of weather-related crashes, claiming the lives of close to 6,000 drivers and leaving nearly 400,000 others suffering serious personal injuries each year.

With wet weather predicted now and in the months leading up to spring, it is important for motorists to take action to reduce their risks. To prevent weather-related car accidents in Monterey, follow these tips:

  • Check local weather forecasts before heading out;
  • Expect traffic delays during wet, rainy conditions;
  • Reduce your speed, particularly in traffic and when going around curves;
  • Allow plenty of space between you and other motorists;
  • Make sure your vehicle is well-maintained;
  • Check wipers, head and tail lights, and other vehicle parts to ensure they are functioning properly;
  • Pay attention to road closures and avoid driving through potentially flooded areas;
  • Avoid driving, if possible, when severe weather is expected.

Reach Out To Our Monterey Car Accident Lawyer

Winter storms in our area increase car accident risks. If you or someone you love is injured, reach out to the Allen Law Firm. We help you get the compensation you need to recover in a claim. To request a consultation, call or contact our Monterey car accident lawyers online today.




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