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Brain Injury Awareness Month: How They Happen And Your Rights In Filing A Claim


Any type of bump, blow, or violent jolt to the head can result in brain injuries in Monterey. These impact thousands of people each year and can result in permanent disabilities. Our Monterey brain injury lawyer explains more about how they happen and your rights in seeking compensation.

Brain Injuries In Monterey

According to The California Department of Public Health (CDPH), close to 2,500 people visit hospital emergency rooms each year as a result of brain injuries in Monterey County. Only a small percentage happen as a result of assaults or other intentional acts. The vast majority occur in accidents for which others are often to blame.

Brain injuries in Monterey can be caused by any type of bump, blow, jolt, or sudden shaking in the head. Even a seemingly minor bump or blow to the head can cause brain injuries that have the potential to be severe and life-threatening. Among the most common causes include:

  • Car accidents;
  • Motorcycle accidents;
  • Truck accidents;
  • Bicycle accidents;
  • Pedestrian accidents;
  • Slips and falls;
  • Getting struck by or against objects in public places;
  • Sports and recreational accidents.

Reckless driving, failure to follow standard safety precautions, and not properly maintaining property or warning visitors of potential dangers make accidents resulting in brain injuries more likely to happen. When these impact you or someone you love, you have the right to hold those at fault accountable.

Raising Awareness Of Brain Injuries In Monterey

March is National Brain Injury Awareness Month. As the name implies, it aims at informing the public about common causes of brain injuries and the serious impacts they can have on victims and their families. The Brain Injury Association (BIAUSA) warns that any type of bump, blow, or jolt to the head can disrupt neural pathways in the brain, resulting in serious short and long-term disabilities.

Symptoms of brain injuries are often subtle, which can lead victims to not get the medical care they need. Unfortunately,  this can have major impacts on their health, as well as their rights in filing a brain injury claim. If you or someone you care about is involved in any type of accident in Monterey, be alert for the following warning signs:

  • Momentary loss of consciousness;
  • Dizziness and difficulty remembering details about the accident;
  • Blurred vision and other sensory problems;
  • Loss of coordination and difficulty walking;
  • Problems communicating with others or understanding what is said;
  • Severe headaches;
  • Nausea and vomiting;
  • Personality changes.

These and other symptoms can last for long months or even years after a brain injury occurs, impacting the victim’s physical, emotional, and cognitive functioning.

Reach Out To Our Monterey Brain Injury Lawyers 

At the Allen Law Firm, we provide caring support and professional legal representation for victims of brain injuries and their families. To find out how we can help you get the compensation you need to recover, reach out and call or contact our Monterey brain injury lawyer online and request a consultation today.




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