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What To Expect When Consulting A Monterey Personal Injury Lawyer


Personal injuries in Monterey are often attributed to accidents, but the reckless and negligent behavior of others is likely responsible. Why should innocent victims have to pay medical bills, lost wages, and other costs as a result?

Our Monterey personal injury lawyer provides the caring support and trusted legal guidance you need to file a claim. The following explains what to expect during a consultation.

What Happens During A Personal Injury Consultation?

According to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), close to 30,000 people visit local hospital emergency rooms each year due to personal injuries in Monterey. While it may have happened unintentionally and others may not have meant to cause you harm, their reckless and negligent behavior was ultimately responsible.

Negligence means failing to take proper precautions or behaving in a manner that puts others at risk. Examples of negligence in Monterey personal injury claims include speeding or other dangerous driving behavior and when property owners fail to provide routine maintenance or post warning signs for hazardous conditions.

When negligence on the part of others causes you harm, you have the right to hold them liable for your costs. Filing a personal injury claim can be complex, though. Get our Monterey personal injury lawyer on your side to protect your rights. We can arrange a consultation to discuss the following:

  • The circumstances surrounding your accident and how it happened;
  • The injuries you suffered as a result;
  • Any details you remember about the scene;
  • Any evidence you collected, such as police reports and the names of witnesses;
  • The amount of compensation you may be entitled to, either through insurance or by filing a personal injury lawsuit in Monterey.

What To Bring To Your Consultation With Our Monterey Personal Injury Lawyer

If those responsible for your personal injuries have liability insurance, this may be the quickest way to get compensation. If insurance is unavailable, fails to cover your costs, or other factors make a settlement impossible, we can file a lawsuit through the Monterey County Civil Court.

To discuss the options in your specific case and the amount of compensation available, request a consultation with our Monterey County personal injury lawyer. The following is a list of items to bring, if possible:

  • Accident reports, filed by police or others at the scene;
  • Any photos or videos you took when your injuries happened;
  • Copies of medical records and any statements from your doctor;
  • Paystubs and documents showing lost wages and other costs;
  • Written statements from you and friends or family members, detailing what happened and the impact it has on your life.

Request A Consultation With Our Monterey Car Accident Lawyer

At the Allen Law Firm, we provide the experienced, local legal representation you need when a car accident happens. To get the maximum amount you are entitled to in a claim, call or contact our office online and request a consultation with our Monterey car accident lawyer today.




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