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Getting Medical Care After A Car Accident In Monterey


Car accidents in Monterey can happen in a variety of ways. The sudden sound of car horns honking or the screech of tires and brakes is generally all the advance warning you get. It is natural to be in a state of shock in the aftermath and uncertain about what to do next. After notifying the police, exchanging information with other motorists, and gathering whatever evidence you can at the scene, it is vitally important to seek medical care. Our Monterey car accident lawyers explain why and how not doing so could impact your health and your rights in a claim.

Seeking Medical Treatment For Monterey Car Accident Injuries

Car crashes and collisions often happen due to reckless behavior on the part of one of the drivers involved. If you are the victim, seeking medical treatment in the aftermath plays an important role in getting compensation.

Whether you file a claim through insurance or a car accident lawsuit through the Monterey County Civil Court, you will need proof of your injuries, any medical costs incurred, and any future care you are likely to require. In addition to helping avoid out-of-pocket medical costs, this also helps you get compensation for lost wages, pain, and suffering. Medical evidence important in your case includes:

  • Statements from those who provided your immediate care, which may include ambulance drivers, hospital emergency room personnel, urgent care staff, or your family doctor;
  • A diagnosis of your injuries, including any test results;
  • Details regarding treatment, which includes medications, treatments you have undergone, and physical therapy;
  • A statement from your doctor regarding your maximum level of medical recovery, at which any ongoing symptoms are likely to result in long-term disabilities;
  • Records pertaining to medical costs, including your care, treatment, medical devices (such as a wheelchair, crutches, or different braces), and out-of-pocket expenses.

My Symptoms Are Minor: Do I Still Need To Get Medical Care?

According to the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA), even seemingly minor car accident injuries can result in tens of thousands of dollars in medical expenses and lost wages. Not getting medical care can leave you paying these costs. It can also have major impacts on your health.

Many common and potentially serious car accident injuries have symptoms that may take hours, days, or even weeks to fully appear. These include:

  • Muscle strains and sprains, or other soft tissue injuries;
  • Certain types of fractures, which can worsen with time and cause long-term disabilities if not treated;
  • Cuts and lacerations, which can result in serious infections;
  • Injuries to the back or neck, impacting movement and mobility for years to come;
  • Head injuries, which can prove fatal if left untreated.

Our Monterey Car Accident Lawyers Are Here To Help

Car accident injuries in Monterey can have lasting impacts on your health. At the Allen Law Firm, we help you get the compensation you need to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs. To request a consultation, call or contact our Monterey car accident lawyer online today.


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