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Monterey Improper Use of Restraints Lawyer

When you think of nursing home abuse, you may think of physical abuse, such as hitting, slapping, punching, and kicking. You may not think about restraining, but it happens quite often, especially when a staff member doesn’t want to deal with an active patient.

While restraints may be necessary for a patient who is trying to leave the facility, who may commit a crime, or is otherwise a danger to others, they are not needed to sedate a patient. In fact, it is illegal to use restraints simply for the convenience of nursing home staff.

There are two types of restraints: physical and chemical. Physical restraints include belts or straps that may be used to tie a patient in bed, as well as Posey belts and side rails. Vests, ties, hand mitts, lap cushions, lap tables, and specialized chairs are also used to physically restrain patients.

Chemical restraints, on the other hand, refer to drugs that are used to control the patient’s behavior or restrict their freedom. For example, a nursing home may use psychotropic medications such as Haldol, Xanax, Risperdal, or Benzodiazepine to sedate a patient.

A nursing home resident has the right to be free from any restraint that may restrict their movement. It’s a fundamental right.

Improper use of restraints is illegal. Get legal help from Allen Law Firm. Our Monterey improper use of restraints lawyer can help you get compensation for your loved one’s damages.

Why is Improper Restraint Used?

Improper restraint is often the result of understaffing. It is more convenient for staff to use some sort of restraint on a patient than to provide good care. Using chemical restraints is illegal when used merely for staff convenience. Intentionally sedating an active patient via the use of drugs should never be done. There are safer alternatives.

Consequences of Improper Restraint

Physical and chemical restraints are used as a form of medical treatment, but the risks tend to outweigh the benefits. Nursing home patients often suffer from mental issues and don’t understand why they are being restrained. They become agitated and anxious, and in an attempt to get out of the physical restraint, they will often cause themselves serious physical injury.

Besides bruises, improper restraint can lead to serious issues such as dehydration, circulatory and skin problems, choking, loss of strength, mobility issues, incontinence, and injury from other patients. It can also lead to long-term emotional distress, anxiety, and depression.

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Your loved one has the right to be free of restraints while in a nursing home. If you have evidence that your family member is being restrained, you need to seek legal help right away.

Allen Law Firm can assist you with your nursing home claim. We’re here for you when you need experience, compassion, and results. Schedule a free consultation with a Monterey improper use of restraints lawyer today. Call (831) 264-0605 or fill out the online form.

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