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Halloween Safety Tips To Prevent Children’s Pedestrian Accidents In Monterey


Haunted houses and horror movies provide plenty of scares over Halloween, but there are real threats residents need to be aware of. The high rate of pedestrian accidents in Monterey is truly frightening. These crashes tend to increase at this time of year, with children among the most common victims. The following outlines ways we can all help protect young trick-or-treaters.

Parents: Be Aware Of Halloween Pedestrian Accident Risks 

According to the California Office Of Traffic Safety (OTS), pedestrian accidents in Monterey impact more than 20 people each year. In terms of pedestrian accident risks, our area is in the top ten in terms of the most dangerous places in the state. Sadly, children are frequent victims and Halloween is the time of year when pedestrian injuries are most likely to happen.

As a parent, there are steps you can take to keep young ghouls and goblins safe:

  • Make safety a priority with costumes: Outfits should fit properly and allow freedom of movement. Avoid anything that drags or poses a trip hazard.
  • Increase visibility: Incorporate reflective tape and glow sticks into your child’s costume and have them carry a flashlight.
  • Avoid masks: Store-bought masks have the potential to impact your child’s vision. Make-up is generally better but do an allergy patch test first.
  • Provide proper supervision: For any type of Halloween-themed activity, make sure young children are accompanied by an adult. Review itineraries with older children, encourage them to go in groups and have them check in regularly.
  • Practice pedestrian safety: Use sidewalks and only cross at crosswalks or designated intersections.

Driving Precautions To Prevent Halloween Pedestrian Accidents In Monterey 

The website SeeMonterey.com lists a variety of Halloween events happening in our area throughout the month of October, which appeal to both children and adults. When attending different activities, make safety a priority.

Even if you do not have children, we all play a role in making sure they are protected. The following tips can help to reduce the risks of pedestrian accidents, at Halloween and any time of the year:

  • Avoid speeding: In neighborhoods where you are likely to encounter trick-or-treaters, go slower than posted speed limits.
  • Avoid distractions: Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel at all times. Be alert for sudden stops and other unexpected events.
  • Yield at crosswalks: Pedestrians have the right of way at crosswalks and most intersections. Stop completely and wait for them to pass before proceeding.
  • Be a sober driver: Avoid driving if you have any amount of alcohol or other potentially intoxicating substances in your system.

Reach Out To Our Monterey Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

At The Allen Law Firm, we wish residents of Monterey a safe and fun Halloween. Unfortunately, accidents can happen despite taking precautions. When they do, we are here to help. If you or someone you love is injured, reach out and contact our Monterey pedestrian accident lawyers to request a consultation.




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