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We don’t often think about getting injured while going out shopping, but the truth is that an accident can happen in an instant. You could go into a department store or other retail environment and suffer a serious injury from a slip and fall accident.

Slips and falls can occur in retail stores for a variety of reasons. For instance, you may have tripped over products that fell on the floor and were left there by the owner. The floors may have been mopped, with no “wet floor” sign in sight, causing you to slip and fall. There could have also been torn carpeting or poor lighting in the store. Spills in walkways or restrooms can lead to a fall as well.

When a trip to the store leads to a slip and fall injury, be prepared with the right legal help. A lawyer from Allen Law Firm can assist you with financial recovery for all your damages. Schedule a consultation to get started.

Proving Negligence

In order to receive compensation from a slip and fall case, you’ll need to prove negligence. Negligence involves the following elements:

  • There was a hazardous condition at the store.
  • The property owner knew about the hazardous condition and should have removed it to prevent the injury.
  • The property owner or store owner did not adequately address the hazardous condition.
  • Because the condition was not addressed promptly, you got injured.

Proving all four of these elements is not an easy task, though. It can be difficult to prove that a store owner knew about a hazardous condition and didn’t fix it. However, you can try to show that a store owner didn’t take reasonable action to prevent accidents from happening. For instance, they might have neglected to frequently walk the aisles of their store to look for any slip and fall hazards.

Proving negligence is easier if you don’t delay. Be sure to collect evidence right after your slip and fall accident. Also, seek legal help from a personal injury lawyer. That way, you’ll greatly increase your chances of a settlement. That’s because a skilled lawyer knows exactly what evidence you need to support your case. They will negotiate with the insurance company to get you an adequate settlement. Without that type of help, you may get a lowball offer from an aggressive insurance company.

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Whether you’re at a mall, a department store, a big box retailer, or just a small mom and pop store, you can get injured in an accident. If you have been affected, seek legal help right away.

Allen Law Firm can help you get the legal assistance you need for your case. Our Monterey retail store slip and fall lawyer will guide you through the process so you get results. Schedule a free consultation to get help with physical and financial recovery. To learn more, fill out the online form or call (831) 901-3901.

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