Jan 03, 2017

Each year our Salinas Auto Accident lawyers consult auto accident victims on their cases. Auto accidents comprise the majority of personal injury claims filed within the USA. Claims filed typically arise from auto accidents where negligence is demonstrated.


Negligence is defined as acting in a way that inevitably results in the injury of another person.


When operating any automobile, people must exercise caution and reasonable care. The failure to exercise reasonable care is considered negligence. Those accused of negligence in auto accidents are usually required to pay any damages to another person or property.

When it comes to the courts, the victim must prove the defendant is guilty of negligence which resulted in the accident that caused the victim’s injury.


When you hire one of our Salinas auto accident lawyers, we examine and study the evidence provided and take accounts from witnesses and the victim. We will look at police reports, Salinas traffic laws, photos, and basically anything that will help your case. In auto accidents, there are generally a number of factors that help determine whether the plaintiff is guilty of negligence. Courts and lawyers usually ask the following questions:

  • Did the driver disobey traffic laws and signals?
  • Did the driver exceed the posted speed limit?
  • Did they take into account weather or other traffic conditions?
  • Did they drive recklessly/aggressively/carelessly?
  • Did they drive under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs?

Accidents are unexpected but common in Salinas. If you’ve been in an auto accident, seek medical attention immediately. Our Salinas auto accident attorneys can’t stress this enough. When it comes to auto accidents, your well-being should be your primary concern regardless of whether or not you feel pain. Insurance companies will also be studying your immediate steps following the auto accident and any lapse in seeking medical treatment will be used against you.

If you’ve been in an auto accident and have suffered injuries due to someone’s negligence, contact our Salinas Auto accident attorneys for a FREE CASE EVALUATION. We can help you determine whether you have a case or not and file your personal injury claim. Contact our Salinas personal injury attorneys at the Allen Law Firm today (831) 901-3901.