About Martin Chandler

Get To Know Our Monterey Social Security Disability Lawyer

Martin Chandler is one of the esteemed Monterey attorneys at Allen Law Firm. He has been practicing Social Security Disability law since 2007, devoting himself entirely to the field since 2009. While he has developed a fund of knowledge regarding the Social Security Administration and disability law in the intervening years, Martin began learning about the system much earlier than that. This is because he has been disabled and receiving Social Security Disability benefits on and off since 2000. During the time that he is working, Martin has learned that he is ineligible for any disability benefits because Social Security defines disability as a person with the “inability to do substantial work”.

From that day forward, Martin has been advising clients about the common pitfalls in Social Security Disability law. His mission is to keep his clients as well as himself well-informed.

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Since graduating from Monterey College of Law, it has become one of his heartfelt desires to help individuals who file for disability receive their rightful compensation. Martin is confident of his comprehensive knowledge of the Social Security Disability law and he is prepared to win your case simply by playing according to the rules set up by the Social Security Administration.


On a personal note, Martin has been happily married to his lovely wife, Juliet for almost 28 years. He is fondly called “Marty-O” by his family and close friends. Martin has been living the majority of his blissful years in the Monterey Bay area.

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